Frequently asked questions:

Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions, along with their answers.

Why is the bot not responding?

Sometimes the bot may not be responding due to it either being down or starting up. To check the bot's current status check the bot status page.
In some cases Discord's API may be experiencing technical difficulties and therefore the bot may be slow to respond or may not be responding at all. To check the Discord API status check the Discord API status page.

In the case the bot is not experiencing technical difficulties there may be problems with the permissions setup on your server, check the required permissions for more information on which permissions Yuri requires.

For more help consider asking about it on the Discord support server.

What permissions does the bot require?

Required? Permission: Usage:
Yes View channels Required for any channel you wish Yuri to work in.
Yes Read messages Required for Yuri to see some inputs like game interactions.
Yes Send messages Required for Yuri to respond to your command inputs.
Partially Attach files Required for image related commands.
Partially Use external emojis Used in some commands like 2048, would be harder to play without it.
No Manage messages Used in auto deleting some inputs, for example auto deleting moves from Minesweeper to keep chat clean.

Why is the bot offline?

There are a variety of reasons Yuri may appear offline for short or even long periods of time:

  • The bot encountered a fatal error that caused it to crash.
  • The bot host is either down or undergoing maintenance.
  • The bot is starting up and isn't fully ready yet. (startup can sometimes take a couple minutes due to the number of shards and guilds it has to manage)
  • The Discord API may be down and the bot is unable to connect. (Check the Discord API status page)
If the bot is down you can join the Discord support server to check if any news has been posted on ๐Ÿค–yuri-announcements about the reasoning behind it, if you believe I am unaware of the situation please inform me via the server's #๐Ÿค–bot-help channel.

Is the bot open source?

In short, no.

However, the library Yuri is built on, is! Check it out here!

As well as this the library used for the help command is open source, it is a simple, dynamic and custom help command built of the default help command that can be used to simplify the hasstle of having to create one yourself from scratch. Check it out here!

What languages are supported?

Currently Yuri only supports the English language, for now I have no plans to change this but possibly in the future this may be changed.

Bot errors:

Sometimes Yuri will throw out errors to you in the case that something wrong happens, here you can see a list of the common ones and what they mean.

โŒ› > Command is on type cooldown, retry after n seconds.

To prevent abuse of certain commands within the bot, cooldowns are put in place to prevent spam and potential crashes.
When you get a cooldown error message its nothing to worry about, just wait the amount of time defined and try running your command again.

Types of cooldown:

  • user - The cooldown is user based meaning muliple people can run the command at once, just not one person repeatedly.
  • channel - The cooldown is based on the whole channel that you are in, if someone runs the command in #general, that command can still be run in a different channel just not in #general until the cooldown is over.
  • guild - The command is based on the entire guild that you are in, once the command is run the cooldown will be present in every channel within that server for every user. This is rarely used and you may only notice this type in 1 or 2 commands that are not completely important.
If there is a cooldown type that you recieved that is not yet listed here, please .

๐Ÿšซ > This command can only be used in a guild.

Self explanatory, commands that throw this error are commands that can only be run inside of a Discord guild channel and not in a DM to the bot.
This is usually due to the command making use of certain things within a guild and would break when run outside of one.
Simply enter any guild that Yuri is in and try the command there.

๐Ÿ”ž > This command can only be used in a NSFW marked channel.

Also self explanatory, commands that throw this error are commands that can only be run inside of a Discord NSFW marked guild channel and not in DMs or other channels.
This is usually due to the content of commands being determed not fit for younger audiances.
Simply enter any guild NSFW marked channel that Yuri is in and try the command there.

๐Ÿ•ต๏ธ > This command can only be used by the bot owner.

Another self explanatory one, commands that throw this error are commands that should only ever be used by the bot owner themself.
This usually is due to the commands being rather dangerous and can break certain things if used incorrectly.
Do not get this confused with being an owner of the guild, in this case owner is the developers of the bot instead.

๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ > Command requires permission permissions, please contact a server administrator to fix this issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

Somtimes certain commands within Yuri will require specific permissions which make them work.
This error is thrown when the bot lacks a required permission that the command cannot run without.
If you are the guild administrator, simply grant the permission that Yuri requires for the command to work. Otherwise contact a server administrator to see if they could add it.

โš ๏ธ > You already have a session of game active, please finish that one before starting another.

To prevent abuse, you are only allowed to run certain commands once at a time.
For example if you were to start a game of Minesweeper, you will not be able to start another until the first one has ended/timed out.
Simply finish the existing one before trying again.

In some cases this error will link you to the original session allowing you to quickly find it.

โš ๏ธ > It seems there was an error attempting to save this game of game, please try again and if the problem persists report it to a bot developer.

If you recieve this error, something internally has gone wrong and Yuri was unable to correctly save your game state.
As the error states, try again to save the game and if the problem persists please contact the developer to let them know.

๐Ÿ’พ > Unable to load any saves for game.

A semi self explanatory error, this error will be thrown if you requested to load a game save that simply doesnt exist.
Please note that games to not auto save, and when you load a save, it save state is deleted until you manually save the game again.

โš ๏ธ > An unexpected error has occured, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

If the bot is unable to determine what went wrong this error message will be thrown so the user is aware that somehing has happened and isn't left wondering why the bot went silent midway through running a command.
In the event of this happening it can be super helpful if you as we can then investigate the matter and hopefully prevent it from happening again!
Remember to note down what command you got this error from and any steps you did to get this error.