Terms and conditions:

Data collection:

Some data is stored on users/guilds that is used for the operations of Yuri. In the case that users/guilds are deleted any data on it will also be purged along with it, this can also be manually removed as described in the "Deletable data" section.

Deletable data:

You have the right to delete certain data that we store about you. In the future we plan to make a process that will simplify this process.
For more info and to request deletion of your data please contact the developer at our support server.


All the data that is stored on our server is only accessible by only the owner/developer of the bot (Skyla#0001).
Only required data for functionality of Yuri is stored, the current user specific data we store is user and guild IDs, no other user account data is stored but may be fetched during runtime from the Discord API using these IDs.

Member intent:

Originally Yuri would make use of Discord's Member intent and got verified to use it.
Since then we have removed functionality of the intent and no longer enable it on the bot.
Although Discord shows the bot has access to all members in guilds it is in, there is no collection or use of such data.